Everyone strives for success and is subjected to a great deal of tension and anxiety, which leads to the achievement of overworking and exploiting external circumstances. Nobody is happy with what he or she accomplishes. What are some ways to be satisfied? What is the key to success on a spiritual level? The spiritual key to success is stillness, the stillness of mind. Meditation, prayer, and a dedication to inner consciousness are some of the ways to do this. You must master the art of stillness to achieve your goals. You will communicate with your spirit when your mind and body are still. Your role is to obey the guidance you get once you’ve established a spiritual link. The secret to living a driven life is to slow down and listen. But how to commence the path of stillness. The first thing you can do is begin meditating. Begin some form of regular meditation practice. Offer yourself the great opportunity to organize your energy by meditating. If you are a beginner at meditation and previously struggled to continue your practice, try regular meditations at SUCCESS SADHANA.